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Open-source Kubernetes Development Platform

Powerful and Scalable Application Development Platform running in Kubernetes Clusters. Efficiently build robust Node.js Express applications.

Why Agnost?

All-in-one Backend Development

Application server, database, authentication, queues, cache, cronjobs, realtime — it's all here. Agnost gives developers the technologies to build scalable & secure backend apps in minutes.

Agnost also includes a low-code endpoint designer that allows you to create and deploy your APIs. You can create and manage your own custom express routes and middlewares.

Effortlessly Self-host Agnost
using its Helm Chart


Gain full control over your infrastructure, allowing you to customize and tailor Agnost platform to your specific needs. Ensure seamless integration into existing environments, increased security and freedom to adapt and scale the platform.

Scale Your Database, Cache, and Message Queues

Read replicas and Primary

Agnost takes replication to the next level. Effortlessly create replicas for databases, cache, and message queues. Seamlessly scale and distribute your critical data and messages across multiple instances, ensuring enhanced performance and availability. Don’t stuck with single instances, Agnost is for serious workloads.

Revolutionize app deployment with Customizable Serverless Functions

Read replicas and Primary

Agnost deploys your application server(Aka API Server) as fully customizable KNative serverless functions, enabling auto-scaling to meet increased demand but also effectively conserving capacity by scaling down to zero pods.

Realtime Application Development

Read replicas and Primary

Whatever changes you made in your code are deployed to your application servers in seconds. Agnost enables you to save significant time by eliminating the need for dockerization; instead, Agnost can push code updates in realtime.

Fully-customizable Environments
in Minutes

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis databases. RabbitMQ and Kafka message brokers. Cronjobs. Realtime. All in one place.

Take part in shaping the future of Agnost

Guide us to build the best developer experience for you. Visit our GitHub repository and create a feature request.