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Introducing Agnost's Advanced Log Filtering

· 3 min read
Deniz Colak

Effective log management is the backbone of smooth backend operations in software development. With Agnost's latest feature, Log Filtering🎉, users can now improve the process of monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to leverage log filtering to its fullest potential, including additional functionalities like viewing request/response bodies and filtering logs of message queues and cron jobs.

Step 1: Accessing the Log Filtering Interface

Begin by navigating to the relevant section within Agnost's interface, whether it's for cron jobs, message queues, or endpoints. Once there, locate the View Logs button associated with the specific component you wish to explore further.

Accessing Logs in Agnost
Accessing Logs in Agnost

Step 2: Advanced Filtering Options

Once within the log viewer interface, users can leverage an extensive array of filtering options tailored to their specific needs. For numeric fields like response time, users can apply filters such as Greater than, Less than, Equals, Is Null, and more.

Secret key screen
Advanced Numeric Field Filtering in Agnost

Step 3: Combining Conditions

To create comprehensive queries, users can combine multiple conditions using AND/OR operators. This flexibility allows for precise filtering and analysis of logs based on complex criteria.

Secret key screen
Combining Conditions with AND/OR Operators in Agnost

Step 4: Viewing Request/Response Bodies

For enhanced debugging capabilities, users can view the request and response bodies associated with each log entry. This feature provides valuable insights into the data flow and helps identify potential issues more effectively.

Secret key screen
Viewing Request/Response Bodies in Agnost

Step 5: Field-Specific Filtering

Depending on the field type, users can apply specific filters to fine-tune their queries. For textual fields like name or path, options include Contains, Begins with, Ends with, and more, enabling granular control over log analysis.

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Field-Specific Filtering in Agnost


By learning Agnost's advanced log filtering capabilities, users can improve the efficiency of log management, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes. With features like advanced numeric field filtering, request/response body viewing, and field-specific filtering, Agnost empowers users to gain deeper insights into their application's behavior and performance.