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User Authentication and Authorization

Securing your application is critical, and one of the fundamental aspects of this process involves managing user authentication and authorization. Authentication verifies the identity of a user, while authorization determines what the user can access within the application. Agnost provides a powerful, integrated system for managing these aspects of your application security.

User Authentication

Agnost supports different strategies for user authentication. This includes standard username and password authentication, as well as OAuth and JWT authentication.

Username/Password Authentication: By default, Agnost provides a built-in system for user registration and login. You can use this system to manage user accounts with traditional username/password authentication.

OAuth Authentication: Agnost also supports OAuth authentication, allowing users to log in with external platforms like Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc. You simply need to configure the OAuth credentials for the respective platform and set up corresponding endpoints.

JWT Authentication: For more complex scenarios, you can also use JWT (JSON Web Tokens) authentication. Agnost provides built-in support for generating and verifying JWT tokens.

User Authorization

For user authorization, Agnost provides a robust, role-based access control system. You can define different roles and assign specific permissions to these roles. These permissions could involve access to specific endpoints, resources, or data models.

To set up user authorization, follow these steps:

  1. Define Roles: From the Agnost Studio, navigate to the 'Roles' section under your application. Here, you can define different roles for your application.

  2. Assign Permissions: For each role, you can define permissions. These permissions can be general (e.g., view any post) or specific (e.g., edit own post).

  3. Assign Roles to Users: Once roles and permissions are defined, you can assign roles to users. This can be done at the time of user creation or later by updating the user's details.

With the user authentication and authorization systems provided by Agnost, you can build secure applications with complex permission structures with ease. The platform handles most of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus more on your application's features and user experience.