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Debugging Backend Services

Debugging backend services is essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of your application. Agnost offers powerful debugging tools, including a dedicated Tester accessible for specific services. Additionally, you can leverage the console for debugging by displaying console.log messages.

Using console.log

In Agnost, you can use console.log statements to log messages, variables, and data during the execution of your backend code. console.log is a fundamental debugging tool that allows you to output information to the console. This helps you understand the flow of your application, identify issues, and inspect variable values at runtime.

Here's an example of how to use console.log in Agnost:

const endpointHandler = async (req, res) => {
// Debugging the req.body
const movieData = req.body
const movie = await agnost.db("mongodb").model("movies").createOne(movieData)
// Debugging the response

export default endpointHandler

In this example, console.log is used to log messages and data related to the request and response.

Using the Tester for Services

To access the Tester for specific service in Agnost:

  1. Visit the specific service you want to test. You will typically find a Test button at the top right corner or a similar location associated with that specific service.
  1. Click the Test button associated with the service you wish to test.

  2. In the Tester section that opens, you can configure the details of the HTTP request, such as query parameters, headers, and request body.

  3. Click the Send or Run button to initiate the request to the selected service.

  4. In the same Tester section, you will also find a console section that displays console.log messages generated during the execution of the service's code.

By clicking the Test button for a specific service, you can conveniently test that specific functionality and view any console.log messages within the same interface. This streamlined approach makes debugging more efficient and allows you to diagnose issues promptly.

Combining console.log statements within your code with the integrated Tester in Agnost, including the console output, provides a comprehensive debugging solution for your backend services, helping you identify and resolve issues effectively.