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General Settings

In the General section of Version Settings in Agnost, you can configure various settings related to your application version. This includes defining the API Server Base URL, specifying the Version Name, and managing access control through options like Read Only. Additionally, you can set up Endpoint Default Rate Limiters to control how frequently users can call specific endpoints within your app.

API Server Base URL

The API Server Base URL serves as the foundation for your API server's endpoints. It defines the root URL where all API requests will be directed. You can find your API Server Base URL at:

Version Name

The Version Name represents the name of your current application version within your Agnost Cluster. This name helps identify and differentiate various versions of your application. Ensure that the Version Name is concise and does not exceed 64 characters in length.

By clicking "Save," you can apply and save any changes made to the General settings of your application version.

Read Only

Enabling the Read Only option sets this version as read-only. When this option is selected, team members, except those with Admin rights, will only have permission to view this version. They will not be able to make updates or modifications.

Endpoint Default Rate Limiters

Rate limiting is a crucial feature that helps control the frequency of API calls to your application's endpoints. It prevents abuse and can safeguard against certain malicious activities. You can define multiple rate limiters, and they will be applied sequentially to incoming requests.

Rate Limiters

  • Add Rate Limiter: Click this option to define rate limiters for your endpoints. Rate limiters allow you to specify limits on how frequently a specific endpoint can be accessed within a defined timeframe.

  • No rate limit selected: If no rate limiter is selected, there will be no rate limiting applied to the endpoints by default.

In summary, the General settings in Version Settings provide essential configuration options for your application version, including defining the API Server Base URL, setting the Version Name, controlling read-only access, and configuring rate limiters for your endpoints. These settings help you manage and control the behavior of your application effectively.