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Realtime Settings

In the Realtime section of Version Settings in Agnost, developers have the capability to configure and manage the real-time communication features of their application. Real-time communication is crucial for applications that require instant updates, messaging, and collaboration. This section outlines the settings and configurations available to developers.

Activate Realtime Server

Enabling the "Activate Realtime Server" option allows clients to publish messages to channels and subscribe to these channels to receive incoming messages in real-time. This feature is essential for building applications that require live updates, chat functionality, notifications, and more.

API Key Required

  • API Key Required: Developers can specify whether a valid API key is required to access the real-time services of the platform. When this option is turned on, clients must provide a valid API key with the "Allow realtime" option enabled to utilize real-time functionality. API keys act as a means of authentication and authorization for accessing real-time services.

Session Required

  • Session Required: This option indicates whether app users are required to be signed in and have an active session token to use the real-time services through the Agnost client library. When enabled, only authenticated users with valid session tokens can engage in real-time communication. This enhances security and ensures that only authorized users can access real-time features.

Rate Limiters

Rate limiting is a critical aspect of real-time communication as it helps prevent abuse, control traffic, and protect the system from malicious activities. Developers can define rate limits, which restrict how often someone can send real-time messages within a specific timeframe. Multiple rate limits can be configured and are applied sequentially.


Developers can add rate limiters by clicking the "Add Rate Limiter" button. Each rate limiter can have its own configuration, specifying the maximum number of requests or messages allowed within a defined duration. Rate limiters are crucial for maintaining the quality and performance of real-time services while preventing abuse or overuse.

By configuring these settings, developers can effectively implement and manage real-time communication features in their applications. Real-time capabilities are essential for creating engaging and interactive user experiences, and Agnost provides the necessary tools to control and secure these features.