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Welcome to the official documentation for Agnost, the next-generation platform for building, deploying, and managing your cloud-native applications!

Agnost provides a modern and efficient approach to developing applications, leveraging the power of microservices, serverless architecture, and Kubernetes. By offering a fully integrated development and deployment environment, Agnost accelerates the application lifecycle, from development to production, making it easier for developers to focus on writing great code and delivering value to their users.

In these documentation pages, you will find detailed guides and tutorials on how to use Agnost effectively to build, deploy, and manage your applications.

Whether you are a beginner getting started with cloud-native development or an experienced developer looking to leverage the power of Agnost, you will find the information you need here.

Installation & Setup

Learn how to install and customize Agnost using on a Kubernetes cluster through Installation & Setup guide. This guide will walk you through the installation process, setting up your cluster, and creating your first Agnost application.

Architecture Overview

For a deeper understanding of Agnost, the Architecture Overview section covers key topics like Agnost cluster platform components and engine workers and execution engines (aka API servers).

Application Development

Ready to build with Agnost? The Application Development section provides comprehensive guides on creating Agnost projects, implementing backend APIs, integrating databases, managing user authentication and authorization, implementing real-time functionality, and much more.

This documentation is a work in progress, and we're constantly working to improve and expand it. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us by visiting our Github repository.

Let's start building great things with Agnost!